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Happy New Year 2010 to all!

2009 has certainly been an eventful year in the consumer electronics world. The digital camera area has seen more and more new camera models, digital SLR cameras have been getting more affordable and are now almost mainstream. And of course, Digital Photography Interface here has taken another step further in playing an even important, growing role to potential camera shoppers and existing camera owners alike. Average readership numbers (and so has bandwidth) in 2009 have increased significantly compared to previous years … and I’ve only got you readers to thank.

The year that was… 2009. In 2009, DPInterface posted over 60 digital camera reviews and three preview articles covering three very big camera launches. Notably, we were the first ever independent digital camera review party to review the Olympus E620 digital SLR, as well as one of the few who first got to look at the Panasonic Lumix GF1 Micro Four Thirds camera when it first came out. We’re excited for 2010, as we continue to bring you digital camera news and reviews, and also strive for even higher quality reviews, even bigger galleries, new site features and more.

Again, a big thank you to all our readers (especially long time visitors) and welcome aboard to newer readers. Here’s to a bigger, better 2010. Not just for us, but for everyone, everything (including the economy!).

DPInterface editor - Brad

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Taking a short break

Hey all, after writing countless camera reviews this year, I’ll be taking a well-deserved, short “break” this week till Thursday. I’ll be back Friday with my review of the Nikon Coolpix S570 and Canon PowerShot SD960 Digital ELPH AKA Digital IXUS 200 IS. See you then - Brad

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DPI - Update for November 2009

Hey all, it’s time for an update to keep everyone posted about the latest and greatest at DPInterface. Well, first off, we’ve covered three very exciting camera launches over the past three months (complete with previews) and other areas, published quite a number of full reviews… I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt things have been moving a little sluggishly lately (yes, I’ve been overwhelmed with things over the last two weeks), not that the site’s been static but I just feel the need to post more reviews, reach out to readers looking for specific cameras. Main thing is, I wanna help you as much as possible for year-end/holiday shopping; if you want to know whether camera A is good, or if camera B is worth your time, I would surely like to have reviewed that camera so you know you’re making the right choice before you pull out that plastic (or wad of cash).

I’ve got hot stuff like the Canon PowerShot S90, Nikon D3000 and Panasonic Lumix GF1 (just to name a few) lined up for review… and plenty more (too many cameras, from too many makers to list). I’ve got good news… and more good news. The good news is Thanksgiving is coming next week, I’m wrapping up with most ‘real life’ things this Friday and I’ll be all ready to write plenty of camera reviews. And the even better news? Well, if I’m feeling nice, I might just post a bunch of Panasonic GF1 photos taken in Australia (DPI readers from downunder will probably know the precise locations where the photos were taken ;) .

-The Panasonic GF1 is surprisingly compact and pocketable (body only), shutter is fairly noisy for a mirrorless camera though.
-Canon PowerShot S90 has advanced white balance controls, 9×9 color grid is adjustable towards green/magenta and blue/amber directions (bet you didn’t know that!)
-Fujifilm’s EXR sensors in their latest compact are impressive for their small size

That’s it for now, hope those doing Thanksgiving have got turkey ready =). Stay tuned to DPInterface, camera review season starts this week.

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Olympus E-P2 Micro Four Thirds camera; now official!

Note from Brad: PREVIEW of the Olympus PEN E-P2 to come…

olympus ep2 launch

Olympus E-P2 PEN
[shown with optional external viewfinder]
(Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens camera)

Olympus JUST announced (as in seconds ago) their latest Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens camera. The new Olympus E-P2 comes in a body identical to that of the E-P1 PEN camera, digital SLR-like controls and is an evolutionary ‘upscale’ version of the E-P1. Here’s what’s new on the Olympus PEN E-P2:

  • Black body design (just one color at the moment)
  • Accessory port behind the hotshoe mount; for connecting peripherals such as the external electronic viewfinder (EVF) and external microphone unit
  • Two new Art Filters (Diorama Filter and Cross Process modes)
  • New autofocus tracking mode
  • HDMI control (apparently you can browse pictures us ing your HDTV’s remote control just by connecting the camera to the television set)

Other than that, the Olympus E-P2’s other features remain akin to that of the E-P1 PEN. The Olympus E-P2 is still a liveview-only camera, but this time, Olympus is gonna INCLUDE an electronic viewfinder with the camera. The external EVF attaches to the E-P2 via its hotshoe mount and is usable for all lenses. Here are the viewfinder specifications:

  • 1.44 million dots
  • Attaches to the camera’s hotshoe mount
  • Can be tilted upwards up to 90 degrees
  • 1.15X magnification
  • 18 mm eyepoint
  • 100% coverage; able to preview exposure, white balance and other effects
  • Dioptric correction knob available

Olympus notes that the E-P2 PEN will be available in Dec

ember in most regions (they predict the first week, just in time for any last minute Christmas shopping) and will sell alongside (not replace) the existing E-P1 PEN model.

  • 12.3 megapixel LiveMOS sensor (2X crop factor)
  • Sensor-shift image stabilization
  • Dust reduction
  • Micro Four Thirds lens mount (compatible with full-size Four Thirds, Olympus OM, Leica M and Leica R lenses using their respective optional adapters)
  • TruePic V processor
  • 3 inch LCD
  • Live view with contrast detection AF, face detection and Perfect Shot Preview
  • Full manual controls with hotshoe and RAW
  • NEW: Autofocus tracking mode
  • Intelligent Auto mode with auto scene selection
  • 8 Art Filters (Two new Art Filters are: Diorama Filter and Cross Process)
  • 3 FPS burst mode
  • 720p (1280 x 720) at 30 FPS movie mode with stereo sound and continuous AF
  • Takes SD/SDHC cards
  • Uses a lithium-ion battery
  • Available in December for $1000 (body plus external EVF) or $1100 (with external EVF and choice of MFT 14-42 mm kit lens or MFT 17 mm pancake lens)

Olympus also announced two new lenses which will be made available in 2010 and an external viewfinder (EVF) for the camera:

  • Olympus Micro Zuiko 9-18 mm f4.0 - f5.6 ultra wide-angle lens
  • Olympus Micro Zuiko 14-150 mm f4.0 - f5.6 mega-zoom lens
  • External electronic viewfinder (attached via hotshoe)

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What next?

On the bright side, we still have our Canon EOS 1D Mark IV preview and comparison table vs the EOS 1D Mark III for you to check out.

There’s also a bunch of Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic cameras we have yet to review (I wouldn’t call it backlog, but just a lot of testing and shooting to do). So… ummm… yeah, what camera reviews would you like to see next?

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Canon event live coverage

Canon Event Live Coverage
3:45 am GMT – DPInterface is proud to present our first ever live event coverage to our readers. Today, we’ll be covering a VERY important Canon event. So… keep checking back as our Canon event live coverage begins NOW!
4:10 am GMT – The doors have opened! I heard something is happening at 5 am =)
4:30 am GMT – Still waiting. I’m writing from my Windows Mobile phone by the way, since there’s no open WiFi network for my netbook. Have yet to setup tethering.
5:00 am GMT – Canon 1D Mark 4 official! Check out the dedicated post about it here (complete with specs and all).
6:00 am GMT – Canon gives the green light for testing out the camera. Sample photos (pre-production) and preview coming later today!
That’s all for our live coverage of the Canon EOS 1D Mark 4 launch today folks! Hope you enjoyed it.
UPDATE: I apologize for the lack of pictures here (they’ll be posted later) since my phone isn’t the best thing (usability and performance wise) to post up pictures. I’ll be posting pictures of and from the EOS 1D Mark 4 later once I get a stable, good connection on my netbook.

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Wacom launches Bamboo line of multi-touch tablets

Wacom recently updated their Bamboo line of consumer tablets. These new tablets feature multi-touch operation and allows input from both fingers and pens. Aimed at consumers who have more ‘digital lifestyles’, I also think that photographers and artists will be especially overjoyed by the fact that Wacom’s new Bamboo tablets (which include the Bamboo Pen, Bamboo Touch, Bamboo Fun and Bamboo Craft) are affordably priced, feature upgraded pressure sensitivity and can be operated using fingers for ‘leisure moments’ when you’re taking a break from Adobe Illustrator. Expect to see Wacom’s new Bamboo’s on store shelves soon.

Details available at Wacom’s official sites www.wacom.com / www.wacom-asia.com / www.wacom-europe.com

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