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Olympus teases new prosumer camera with Zuiko lens at Photokina

Olympus is showing off their new ‘prosumer’ compact camera at Photokina this year. Details are fairly vague as Olympus plans to keep them under wraps until early next year (probably CES 2011); but so far, they’ve shown that it will … Continue reading

Casio comes up with four new Exilim cameras for Photokina

Casio has just announced a bunch of interesting compact cameras for Photokina 2010. The Exilim H20G is a compact super-zoom camera that has an ultra-wide angle 10X zoom lens and built-in GPS with fancy internal location sensors; while the Exilim … Continue reading

Fujifilm announces rangefinder style camera at Photokina 2010

Fujifilm has come up with a brand new rangefinder-style digital camera that they’ve just announced at Photokina 2010. The camera, though it appears like ‘yet another interchangeable lens camera’, is in fact a niche product with a fixed 23 mm … Continue reading

Nikon introduces D7000 digital SLR

Looks like things are gonna get pretty interesting this holiday 2010. Why? Cause Nikon’s just come up with their answer to the recently introduced Canon EOS 60D and Olympus E-5 digital SLR cameras (and also the much-awaited successor to their … Continue reading