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Reader’s questions (Week 33, 2009)

Hey, I’ll be publishing my review of the Nikon Coolpix S230 very soon. Meanwhile, I’ll answer some questions from a few of our readers first:

Q: How do I take black and white photos using the Panasonic Lumix G1 or Lumix GH1?

  • Press the Film Mode button at the top of the camera and select the Black and White mode from the on-screen menu.

Q: What cameras are able to record audio clips with each photo?

  • Well there are a number of cameras that can - just look out for a feature called voice caption or audio clip. A good example would be Panasonic’s cameras, which have had the ability to attach a short 5 second clip (narration), after every photo, for years now.

Q: What can I expect from video recording capabilities on a 2009/2010 camera?

  • Just about every camera nowadays have a ‘movie mode’ of sorts. For 2009: If you’re buying a budget camera, you’ll probably get a VGA 30 FPS movie mode, or basic HD, if you’re lucky. For cameras above $300-400, I wouldn’t expect anything less than a 720p HD movie mode. There are a handful of cameras with full 1080p HD movie modes as well, such as the Canon SX1 IS. For now, 1080p HD isn’t exactly a mainstream feature yet.

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