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About DPInterface

Established in early 2005, Digital Photography Interface, or DPI for short, has been and is the place for the latest in digital cameras and photography - featuring news, unbiased in-depth reviews, user opinions and more. Whether you’re new to digital photography or a professional, this is the place to be for the latest in digital photography and camera reviews as well as discussion of the various aspects of photography.

Digital Photography Interface strives to be the number one resource for the latest cameras. Over the years, we have been the first independent digital camera review website to publish full, in-depth reviews of several very hot, highly discussed cameras:

  • 2005 – Internet’s first Canon PowerShot S2 IS review
  • 2006 – Internet’s first Sony Cyber-shot T30 review
  • 2007 – Internet’s first Canon PowerShot S5 IS review
  • 2008 – Internet’s first Olympus Stylus 1040/Mju 1040 review
  • 2009 – Internet’s first Olympus E620 digital SLR review

Most recently in April 2009, we were the first camera review website to fully review the Olympus E620 digital SLR (production model).

Contact us

If you’ve got any questions, suggestions, requests, inquiries on advertising or anything else, feel free to drop me a line at

dpi [at] dpinterface [dot] com

Just in case you can’t reach me at that address (ie your e-mail bounces back), the site’s “just in case” secondary e-mail is dpinterface [at] gmail [dot] com.

Our reviews

There are so many digital cameras in the market and more are being released almost every month. You probably need just one digital camera so which one do you choose? Digital Photography Interface is here to assist you by providing unbiased, in-depth reviews at no cost.

Digital Photography Interface runs cameras through real-life tests. Taking cameras out for a casual shooting day as a regular consumer would is one of those tests. We see how real-world image quality turns out and how long the battery would last. All these aspects and results are reported in our reviews.

DPI also judges a camera’s true value based on many aspects - including features and image quality - and tell you whether it’s worth buying or not. DPInterface believes in experiencing and reviewing a camera based from the perspective of a typical camera consumer - not from the point of view of some overboard photo-junkie who tells you all other cameras are inferior compared to those $5000 cameras he plays with on his desk all day. Here’s an example: If it’s a entry-level camera we’re reviewing, we put ourselves in the shoes of a buyer who’s not yet sure about which camera to buy. If it’s an SLR, we look at things from the eyes of a professional photographer to see if the camera meets their needs… and so on.

The reviews here at Digital Photography Interface are unbiased. I don’t get paid to write good things in a review. Unlike some sites and magazines, not all cameras here get a ‘big thumbs up’ - cameras have to be actually good and able to deliver in order to receive my recommendation. If I dislike something about a camera, I voice it out in the review - not try to hide the cons of a product from readers - the reviews here are living proof.

Full, in-depth reviews only
At Digital Photography Interface, we only publish reviews (which come with their respective photo galleries) – so we’re fully testing out and reviewing a production level camera each time, which naturally is of the same specification and quality as you’ll find at your local camera dealer and regular camera shops and shopping sites. This allows for true evaluation of a camera’s features and quality, because the cameras that we review are of the same standard as what you’ll find on any store’s shelves.

We try as hard as possible to bring to you only full, in-depth reviews of production level cameras – unlike other camera review websites which publish ‘previews’ or ‘first look/hands on reports’ written based on pre-production/prototype camera units (which in the end, does NOT reflect the actual quality of the camera you’ll find on store shelves). The only time we publish ‘camera previews’ is if demand for a camera is extremely high and if a production quality unit of it is more than a few months away (the only camera we have ever ‘previewed’ was the Canon EOS 5D Mark II in October 2008 and the camera was not available to the mainstream market until much later in December/January)

Comparative reviews (Vs group reviews)
In 2009, DPInterface introduced Camera Comparative Reviews as a new site feature. In our Camera Comparative Reviews, we compare cameras of the same category (ie Ultra-zoom, waterproof, etc) to determine the best of the group. The thing that makes our Comparative Reviews stand out from the crowd is that we only compare cameras that we have already fully reviewed. Yes, that means standalone, in-depth reviews aren’t going anywhere because Comparative Reviews are here merely to supplement them - all to help you in making quicker, more effective decisions when shopping for a camera.

We have our Comparative Reviews, instead of publishing ‘group reviews’ because group reviews tend to ‘mash up’ several camera reviews into one, which compromises content quality and fail to give individual cameras sufficient attention - a big no-no for us.

Site founder

Digital Photography Interface is run by Brad Soo, who has had a profound interest in photography since ‘the film days’. Work started on the website since 2003 but despite that, the site only got ‘officially’ launched in 2005. Digital Photography Interface was formerly known as “Camera List” until January 2006, when the site finally got its own domain name. Between those days and now, and from running DPInterface, I’ve used, tested and experienced many, many digital cameras (check out those reviews), too many to count actually. For our camera tour section in my reviews, I currently use my trusty Canon EOS 30D, which I also use for fashion photography and portraiture.

DPInterface is here to assist you in buying a digital camera by providing reviews (whether you currently own a camera or not), to share my interest in digital cameras with you and to help you “go digital” if you still own a film camera. And oh, to help in making your next camera purchase decision too.


Digital Photography Interface is a family-friendly site which is visited by people of all age groups from all over the world. While majority of our visitors are from the USA, we still have plenty of people visiting from all around the globe too.

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