Canon PowerShot SD880 IS Digital ELPH Review

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You asked for it and now you’re getting it: I’ve just posted my review of the Canon PowerShot SD880 IS Digital ELPH aka Digital IXUS 870 IS; Canon’s latest pocket camera with a 28 mm wide-angle lens, big screen and the latest Canon bells and whistles. I’m surprised at the number of emails I’ve been getting daily, asking for a review of this camera and I can only guess it has something to do with Christmas and shopping. Do check out the Canon SD880 Digital ELPH/Digital IXUS 870 IS photo gallery as well. Click the link for the full review of the camera.

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Canon PowerShot SD880 IS Digital ELPH Photo Gallery

Here’s the Canon PowerShot SD880 IS Digital ELPH/Digital IXUS 870 IS Photo Gallery containing full-sized pictures taken by the camera. Be sure to check out the Canon PowerShot SD880 IS Digital ELPH/Digital IXUS 870 IS review for more about Canon’s latest compact camera with 28 mm wide-angle and a big 3 inch screen.

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Canon PowerShot A2000 IS review posted

Hey everyone, hope everyone’s having a great weekend out there and enjoying Christmas shopping. Just wanna say it again, in case anyone missed it - I posted my review of the Canon PowerShot A2000 IS on Friday along with the Canon A2000 IS photo gallery which contains a lot of real life sample photos; about 20 of them, be it outdoors, indoors, close ups, shots with flash… they’re all in there. So be sure to have a look at that gallery.

Another thing is that Christmas is coming… which means everyone’s busy with shopping and things are gonna get busy in the next two weeks. But not much time for me to rest and relax now - DPInterface is going on full steam ahead to provide you with various camera reviews, so any last minute purchasing considerations or decisions won’t be too much of a problem as you can always check out our reviews. I’ve even posted up a digital camera Buyers Guide which contains a list of cameras I would recommend in different price brackets.

Right now, we’re on track to post our Olympus Stylus/mju 1050SW review (a sturdy camera with unique tap control), Canon PowerShot A1000 IS review (the A2000′s sibling) and more next week. If you have any questions, comments, cameras you’d like me to review or even, would like a little help in making a camera decision, do email me at [dpi] at [dpinterface] dot [com] or leave a comment in this post.

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