Holiday season is a good time to start preparing for next year

We’re close to yet another new year and while the focus of most folks right now is enjoying the warmth in the homes and the joy of shopping for the holiday season, it’s never too late to start planning ahead for what’s coming next year. The industry is getting more competitive as cameras become more affordable and individuals offering their photography services are popping out everywhere. Granted that the biggest selling points or appeal would be skill and experience of a photographer, but part of the road to success also involves getting your name out there. After all, nobody is going to hire you, no matter how good you are, if they haven’t heard of you or seen your works. This is when having your name and portfolio printed on photographer business cards will come in handy the next time you mingle with others at that fashion event, or chat up friends of family at the next wedding you attend. This makes your networking with others more worthwhile and memorable. As a photographer myself, I would agree when most successful folks stress the importance of business cards in establishing reputation and connecting with potential clients. That said, hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday season and year end, with at least some productivity in work before we flip the calendar page over to January 2012.

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