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Panasonic unwraps four new Lumix cameras
by Brad Soo on January 25

Panasonic has just taken the wraps off four new Lumix cameras today and they all look pretty interesting. There’s two new Lumix ZS (AKA Lumix TZ) series cameras that have even more optical zoom, better imaging sensors and more features than previous models… we’ll see if Panasonic can maintain their multi-year dominance in the compact super-zoom camera market, once I get hold of these new cameras for review. Next up is a new rugged camera and ultra-compact, both with the [...]

Camera News
Samsung announced five affordable cameras
by Brad Soo on January 19

With the heat from CES starting to cool down, looks like Samsung still has some spillover camera announcements to make. Check them out:

Samsung ST6500
(Compact cameras)

16 effective megapixels
26 – 130 mm (f3.3 – f5.9) 5X optical zoom lens
Optical image stabilization
3 inch touchscreen LCD; “Smart Touch UI” is a smartphone-esque touchscreen interface
Smart Auto with auto scene selection
720p HD (1280 x 720) 30 FPS movie mode with sound
Takes SD/SDHC memory cards
Uses a lithium-ion battery
Available in March for $230

Samsung ST65, ST90 and [...]

Camera News
Sony refreshes almost a dozen Cyber-shot cameras at CES 2011
by Brad Soo on January 6

Sony has just refreshed almost their entire line of Cyber-shot cameras with almost a dozen (no kidding!) new models launched today. There are two compact super-zoom models, three new T-series slim cameras (including one rugged model) and a whole bunch of W-series compact models.

Sony Cyber-shot HX7V and H70
(Compact super-zoom cameras)

HX7V: 16 effective megapixel EXMOR-R backlit CMOS sensor
H70: 16 effective megapixel traditional CCD
25 – 250 mm (f3.5 – f5.5) 10X optical zoom lens
Optical image stabilization with “Active” stabilization for high [...]

Camera News
Olympus announces new cameras at CES 2011
by Brad Soo on January 6

Olympus brought out several new cameras today, with the stars of today’s show being the new E-PL2 interchangeable lens camera, which succeeds the PEN E-PL1 released a year ago, and the new XZ1 compact prosumer camera which sports a super-bright lens and larger than average imaging sensor.

Olympus PEN E-PL2
(Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera)

12 megapixel Live MOS sensor (Micro Four Thirds, 2.0X crop factor)
Micro Four Thirds lens mount (adapters available for normal Four Thirds and Leica lenses)
Dust reduction
Sensor-shift image stabilization
3 inch [...]

Camera News
Panasonic unveils new Lumix cameras at CES 2011
by Brad Soo on January 5

Panasonic just announced eight Lumix cameras for 2011 today. And they all come in pairs: ultra-thin cameras, compact super-zooms, regular compact cameras and entry-level models.

Panasonic Lumix FH2 and Lumix FH5
(Ultra-compact cameras)

FH2: 14 effective megapixels
FH5: 16 effective megapixels
28 – 112 mm (f3.1 – f6.5) 4X optical zoom lens
Optical image stabilization
2.7 inch LCD (230,000 pixels)
Intelligent Auto with scene modes; no manual controls
New Lumix Uploader lets you tag pictures from the camera and let it automatically upload them on to the web [...]

Camera News
Casio announces new cameras at CES
by Brad Soo on January 5

Casio announced several new cameras at CES today. Along with two new basic entry-level models and three compact super-zoom cameras equipped with backlit CMOS sensors (for better image quality and high-speed shooting, in theory), there’s the unique TRYX camera (pronounced “tricks”).
The Casio TRYX is a very unique camera in the sense it has two elements (the touchscreen LCD and the entire camera body itself) that are able to rotate, giving flexibility if you want the camera to literally hang from [...]

Camera News
Samsung releases new Dual View and compact super-zoom cameras
by Brad Soo on January 5

Samsung showed off five new camera models today. Samsung introduced three additions to their “Dual View” camera line, which have unique front-facing displays (in addition to the traditionally placed ones at the back) which allow you to take self-portraits more easily. They’ve also introduced a pair of compact super-zoom cameras, one of which (the WB210) features a 12X optical zoom lens that starts at a really wide 24 mm.

Samsung PL120, PL170 and ST700 Dual View
(Compact cameras)

PL120: 14 effective megapixels
PL170 [...]

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