New year, new cameras, changing times in photography

The new year only means one thing: new cameras. And with new cameras come new photo opportunities. The initial announcements at CES of this year consisted of a couple of interesting models, specifically from Fujifilm, Canon and Samsung, but we will probably see another parade of new cameras being launched this February; we have our eyes on Nikon and Sony who haven’t gotten many new things out of the door yet in 2012. With new cameras and the new year come plenty more opportunities to take pictures. Improving digital cameras as well as camera modules in smartphones make it possible to create your own photo postcards with less effort than ever before. Camera effects and photo modes as well as the easy usability of Photoshop Express and Instagram are able to make such postcards more interesting looking. The easy accessibility of fancy and complex post-processing effects thanks to modern day apps make it possible for any user with a smartphone or web access on their computer to give their photos an unconventional and unique look. Things like image stabilization, multi-shot layering and frame grabbing from movies all increase the opportunities to get great and usable images. Postcards also add a nice personal touch to greetings and such, as well as provide a subtle way of showing off your photography and serve as an extension of displaying your creativity. There are many designs premade and sizes for those less inclined to make their own. This year will certainly be a fascinating one to watch as the photography market is seeing a shift in features and form. Phones are packing high resolution sensors while almost all compact digital cameras come with multi-shot layering modes for better image quality. What does that mean for regular consumers? Better image quality, more chances of getting sharp and great looking photos, and with that comes more freedom to use them in more ways than one like in postcards.

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