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Sony presents twelve new Cyber-shot models!
by Brad Soo on January 7 2010

This is madness but no, it ain’t Sparta - Sony has just released a whopping TWELVE digital cameras! Apparently they didn’t want to leave out anybody, so they’ve got compact cameras for everyone today.
Also, someone check that the sky isn’t falling, because all of today’s newly released Sony cameras now support SD/SDHC memory cards (in addition to their own proprietary Memory Stick Duo) via a new, single combo slot which takes both kinds of cards.
The first two cameras are pretty […]

Camera News
Panasonic takes wraps off new Lumix cameras
by Brad Soo on January 7 2010

CES 2010 has begun, and Panasonic has just taken the wraps off a whopping SIX new compact digital cameras today. The biggest news from Panasonic is the fact that today’s newly launched cameras are already prepared for the new SDXC memory cards. As SDHC brought higher capacities and faster read/write speeds compared to traditional SD cards, SDXC will bring even higher capacities (theoratically up to 2 TB) and even speedier read/write performance versus SDHC. Don’t start ringing alarms and panicking […]

Camera News
Samsung launches 6 new compact cameras
by Brad Soo on January 6 2010

After releasing their NX10 the other day, Samsung is back for more with a string of six new compact cameras. Unlike the entry-level cameras we’ve been seeing lately, Samsung has four upper-tier, premium compact cameras to announce. First off are their TL240 and CL80 cameras which have massive touchscreens; the latter even has WiFi and Bluetooth… followed by their unique Dual View TL205 and TL210 cameras; both have dual LCD displays - one for conventional shooting and a front-facing display […]

Camera News
Casio shows off 4 new cameras; backlit CMOS compact super-zoom
by Brad Soo on January 6 2010

Casio just announced four new cameras: two compact super-zoom cameras and two basic ones. The most interesting of them all is their new Exilim FH100 which combines a big 10X zoom lens with a backlit CMOS sensor (promises better image quality and high speed shooting).

Casio Exilim FH100
(Compact super-zoom camera)

10 effective megapixels
Backlit CMOS sensor promises improved high ISO shooting (up to 3200)
24 – 240 mm (f3.2 – f5.7) 10X optical zoom lens
Sensor-shift image stabilization
3.0 inch LCD
High-speed burst shoots at up […]

Camera News
Kodak is back, with five new cameras
by Brad Soo on January 6 2010

It’s been a long time since Kodak released a camera, and even longer since they released a camera that last caught my attention. It appears they’re making a comeback this year by launching five new digital cameras today. The first camera is pretty interesting - it’s a digital camera with a big touchscreen so the camera can also serve as a pocket photo album. The Kodak Slice is the camera maker’s second touchscreen camera since their EasyShare One made its […]

Camera News
Canon brings out four new compact cameras
by Brad Soo on January 5 2010

Canon unveiled four new compact cameras today, and all four are entry-level, sub-$200 models. The breaking news here is that Canon is the first (of many) camera makers this year that will support the upcoming SDXC standard in their latest cameras. Like what SDHC did to SD, SDXC will bring even higher maximum capacities (someone’s been dropping hints of a 64 GB SDXC around the corner!) and faster read/write operation speeds compared to SDHC.
The first two cameras Canon has in […]

Camera News
Sony whips out new Alpha A450 digital SLR
by Brad Soo on January 5 2010

CES is this week, and naturally, we have new cameras being announced already. Sony is the second camera maker this year, after Samsung, to make their first camera announcement for 2010. Like Samsung, Sony also has a new interchangeable lens camera to bring to the table, and it comes in the form of a traditional ‘with mirror and optical viewfinder’ digital SLR. The Alpha A450 is yet another sub-$1000 digital SLR which, as its name suggests, sits below the […]

Camera News
Samsung NX system announced; new NX10 camera
by Brad Soo on January 4 2010

Samsung NX10
(Interchangeable lens camera)
Well, Samsung did it - they achieved two things today: being the first camera manufacturer to launch something new for the year 2010, and releasing the first (out of many to come) camera in the new mirrorless, interchangeable lens NX camera system. Let me introduce to you, the new Samsung NX10!
What makes the Samsung NX10 different is that it’s a whole lot smaller than conventional digital SLR cameras, and roughly the same size as Panasonic’s G1/GH1 […]

Site News
by Brad Soo on January 1 2010

2009 has certainly been an eventful year in the consumer electronics world. The digital camera area has seen more and more new camera models, digital SLR cameras have been getting more affordable and are now almost mainstream. And of course, Digital Photography Interface here has taken another step further in playing an even important, growing role to potential camera shoppers and existing camera owners alike. Average readership numbers (and so has bandwidth) in 2009 have increased significantly compared to previous years … and I’ve only got you readers to thank.

The year that was… 2009. In 2009, DPInterface posted over 60 digital camera reviews and three preview articles covering three very big camera launches. Notably, we were the first ever independent digital camera review party to review the Olympus E620 digital SLR, as well as one of the few who first got to look at the Panasonic Lumix GF1 Micro Four Thirds camera when it first came out. We’re excited for 2010, as we continue to bring you digital camera news and reviews, and also strive for even higher quality reviews, even bigger galleries, new site features and more.

Again, a big thank you to all our readers (especially long time visitors) and welcome aboard to newer readers. Here’s to a bigger, better 2010. Not just for us, but for everyone, everything (including the economy!).

DPInterface editor - Brad

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