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Canon unveils new digital cameras for fall 2009!
by Brad Soo on August 19 2009

If you’ve been waiting since PMA 2009 for plenty of cameras to ogle at, today’s your day. Canon just unveiled SIX (!) new digital cameras today, including the much-awaited successor to the G10, the PowerShot G11, along with a pleasant surprise - the S-series of ‘mini G’ cameras is back with the PowerShot S90.
First off is the new PowerShot G11, Canon’s latest prosumer camera. Canon seems to be backing out of the megapixel race with this camera since they probably […]

Camera News
Canon PowerShot G11 leaked
by Brad Soo on August 19 2009

With a “few” hours left till the official Canon announcement, a picture of the PowerShot G11 has just leaked out! Note the detail of the new camera (especially the swiveling LCD) and the new button design on the upper left corner on the back - this surely ain’t a fake picture!

Here’s a picture of last year’s G10 for comparison’s sake.
So here’s the new PowerShot G11 is a prosumer camera… Canon seems to be backing out of the megapixel race with […]

Camera News
Casio’s new cameras for Fall 2009
by Brad Soo on August 18 2009

We’re back in business and covering camera news again! Casio announced two new cameras in the US earlier today, with an additional two new cameras for the rest of the world. As far as I can tell, it’s yet another round of incremental upgrades from Casio, nothing particularly innovative. The good stuff has yet to come (Wait till tomorrow).
Despite the differences in design, the new point-and-shoot Exilim Z90 and Exilim Z450 cameras are very much alike inside. The appeal of […]

Site News
by Brad Soo on August 18 2009

I am truly sorry about the downtime of the site for the last 48+ hours. In case you didn’t hear about it, we had a huge traffic spike last Saturday and our (silly) host decided to pull the plug on DPInterface. You can read about everything here:, and I’ll post a full length explanation/rant once I get the site’s contents to safety.

We’re still on our old host (ugh, LunarPages) so if something screws up again (knock on wood), you’ll know 1) who to blame and 2) that we didn’t just die off like that. I was planning to post my review of the Canon PowerShot SX200 IS today, but looks like that review will have to be delayed as I back up the site. I apologize again for the inconvenience caused.

Meanwhile, note down our emergency ‘locations’ where you can check for site updates and camera news in case something like this happens again (knock on wood, again):

  • Emergency blogsite:
  • Twitter
  • Alternate email dpinterface [at] gmail [dot] com
Camera Reviews
by Brad Soo on August 15 2009

Here’s my review of the Nikon Coolpix S230, an affordable touchscreen digital camera from Nikon. Well, finally I have my review of the Coolpix S230 online. It’s certainly not a great camera, no matter how alluring the sound of a touchscreen camera for two Benjamins is. Have a great weekend, everyone (and look forward to the announcement of several new cameras next week)!

As usual, full-sized photos taken straight out of the camera are available in the Nikon Coolpix S230 photo gallery. Click on the link for the full review of the camera.

Read the Coolpix S230 review

by Brad Soo on August 14 2009

Hey, I’ll be publishing my review of the Nikon Coolpix S230 very soon. Meanwhile, I’ll answer some questions from a few of our readers first:

Q: How do I take black and white photos using the Panasonic Lumix G1 or Lumix GH1?

  • Press the Film Mode button at the top of the camera and select the Black and White mode from the on-screen menu.

Q: What cameras are able to record audio clips with each photo?

  • Well there are a number of cameras that can - just look out for a feature called voice caption or audio clip. A good example would be Panasonic’s cameras, which have had the ability to attach a short 5 second clip (narration), after every photo, for years now.

Q: What can I expect from video recording capabilities on a 2009/2010 camera?

  • Just about every camera nowadays have a ‘movie mode’ of sorts. For 2009: If you’re buying a budget camera, you’ll probably get a VGA 30 FPS movie mode, or basic HD, if you’re lucky. For cameras above $300-400, I wouldn’t expect anything less than a 720p HD movie mode. There are a handful of cameras with full 1080p HD movie modes as well, such as the Canon SX1 IS. For now, 1080p HD isn’t exactly a mainstream feature yet.

Is something on your mind? Send your camera and photography related questions in!

Camera News
Samsung announces three new touchscreen cameras
by Brad Soo on August 13 2009

After about two weeks of their ‘Tap and Take’ teaser campaign, Samsung finally took the wraps off three new touchscreen (as you might have guessed) cameras today. The main star of today is the new ST1000 AKA CL65, which features WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, a huge, super high-resolution 3.5 inch touchscreen and a ton of other bells and whistles
The new ST500 AKA TL220 and ST550 AKA TL225 cameras are unique in other ways. They lack the three connectivity options of the […]

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