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in on February 28 2012

Sony Cyber-shot TX20
If you fancied the waterproof all-glass Cyber-shot TX200V that Sony introduced last month but wanted something that is actually shockproof and not as bank-breaking, take a look at the new rugged Sony Cyber-shot TX20 that Sony introduced today.
The TX20 replaced last year’s model, the Sony TX10 which we recently reviewed, with minimal changes; which include new body color designs, improved focusing performance, addition of Picture Effects and ability to take still photos while […]

Camera News
in on February 8 2012

Olympus TG820
Olympus has just announced their new top of the line rugged camera for 2012, the Tough TG820. The camera is just as rugged as previous flagship models from Olympus but packs in new features for this year such as HDR mode.

12 megapixel CMOS imaging sensor
Waterproof (10 meters/33 feet), shockproof (2 meters/6.6 feet), freezeproof (-10C/14F) and dustproof
5X optical zoom: 28 – 140 mm (f3.9 – f5.9) lens
3 inch LCD (1 million dots)
Point-and-shoot with Intelligent Auto mode, no manual controls
Continuous shooting […]

Camera News
in on February 8 2012

Pentax WG-2
Pentax has just announced a pair of rugged digital cameras, both called the WG-2. The difference is that the plain Pentax WG-2 doesn’t come with GPS, while the Pentax WG-2 GPS variant… well, as the name suggests, has built-in GPS functionality.

16 megapixel CMOS imaging sensor
Waterproof (12 meters/40 feet), shockproof (1.5 meters/5 feet), freezeproof (-10C/14F) and dustproof
Optional chest strap for hands-free video recording and waterproof remote control
5X optical zoom: 28 – 140 mm (f3.5 – f5.5) lens
3 inch LCD (460,000 […]

Camera News
in on February 7 2012

Canon PowerShot D20
Canon hasn’t been too active in releasing rugged cameras, with their first ever (and only) rugged digital camera being the PowerShot D10 released 3 years ago. But after being missing all these years, Canon is back in the market today with the arrival of their new PowerShot D20 rugged camera. If you read our review in the link above, you’ll see that the new 2012 PowerShot D20 has a completely reworked design: It looks more ‘conventional’ looking […]

Camera News
in on January 31 2012

Nikon Coolpix S30 rugged camera
Nikon has just announced a new basic but rugged digital camera. The camera is probably the cheapest new rugged camera in the market ever, but also packs features which are sub-entry level. Still, I’d imagine the camera makes a good candidate for folks who always want a rugged camera by their side or a camera to give to kids and toddlers.

10 megapixel CCD imaging sensor
Waterproof (3 meters/9.8 feet), shockproof (0.8 meters/2.6 feet) and dustproof
3X optical zoom: […]

Camera News
in on January 30 2012

Panasonic Lumix TS4 (also known as Lumix FT4)
The higher end of the two rugged cameras Panasonic released today is the Lumix TS4 (also known as the Lumix FT4 in some places). Unlike its more basic sibling the Lumix TS20, the Lumix TS4 here packs in slightly more zoom, a much more rugged body, built-in GPS, more powerful image stabilization, three components that make the details of precisely where your photos were taken (a compass, barometer and altimeter) and better […]

Camera News
in on January 30 2012

Panasonic Lumix TS20 (also known as Lumix FT20)
Panasonic has just announced a pair of rugged digital cameras for 2012. The more affordable of the two is the Lumix TS20 (also known as the Lumix FT20 in some places) which carries a basic set of digital camera features in a rugged body that is water, shock, freeze and dust proof.

16 megapixel CCD imaging sensor
Waterproof (5 meters/16 feet), shockproof (1.5 meters/5 feet) freezeproof (-10C/14F) and dustproof
4X optical zoom: 25 – 100 mm […]

Camera Reviews
in on January 30 2012

Here is my in-depth review of the Sony Cyber-shot TX10, a ultra-compact rugged camera with a touchscreen. The camera is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and freezeproof (I’ve got an interesting video of me ‘washing’ the camera later in this review), and on the picture-taking side, it sports a 16 megapixel CMOS image sensor, lots of scene modes, high-speed shooting, Full HD movie mode and more. Check out the Sony Cyber-shot TX10 photo gallery to see sample photos taken using the […]

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