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Sony HX1 with Exmor CMOS
by Brad Soo on March 2 2009

Sony announced their latest ultra-zoom camera which succeeds the H50 I reviewed a while back. The new Cyber-shot HX1 features Sony’s Exmor sensor and a “Sony G” lens, which is supposedly of better quality than traditional Sony and Zeiss lenses that has been in past Cyber-shot cameras. I hope to get my hands on this one for review… and I really hope it’s better than the H50.

Sony Cyber-shot HX1
(Ultra-zoom camera)

9 effective megapixels (Sony Exmor CMOS)
28 – 560 mm (f2.8 – […]

Camera News
Pentax’s first super-zoom camera
by Brad Soo on March 2 2009

Pentax announced their first ever ultra-zoom/prosumer camera today… and it’s just a fixed lens camera – not a hybrid or live view-only digital SLR that rumors and speculation last week were pointing to.

Pentax X70
(Ultra-zoom camera)

12 effective megapixels
26 – 624 mm (f2.8 – f5.0) 24X optical zoom lens
Sensor-shift image stabilization
2.7 inch LCD
Auto Picture Mode (aka an automatic scene mode selector)
Face, smile and blink detection
Digital wide combines two pictures into a single 20 mm wide photo
Full manual controls
HD 720p 15 FPS movie […]

Camera News
Samsung mirrorless NX system concept
by Brad Soo on March 2 2009

Samsung announced a new NX series concept today; which will be all about interchangeable lens cameras without mirror boxes of traditional digital SLRs (thus a slimmer, smaller design is possible). Last year, Panasonic and Olympus announced the Micro Four Thirds system which does the same thing… so they may be in for some competition this year. So far, this is what Samsung has had to say about this new NX series camera concept:

They will use an APS-C sized sensor (1.5X […]

Camera News
Olympus E620 SLR announced
by Brad Soo on February 24 2009

Olympus announced a new entry-level digital SLR today, the E620 which replaces the E420. Olympus touts the E620 as the smallest digital SLR with built-in image stabilization. Check this out:

Olympus E620
(Entry-level digital SLR)

12.3 effective megapixels (LiveMOS sensor)
Four Thirds system lens mount (2x crop factor)
Sensor shift image stabilization
SuperSonic Wave Filter dust removal
2.7 inch rotating LCD
TruePic III PLUS imaging processor
Full manual controls with RAW mode and hotshoe
Built-in wireless flash control
7 point AF
Backlit controls
Optical viewfinder with 95% coverage and 0.96X magnification
Live view; with […]

Camera News
New Samsung cameras again
by Brad Soo on February 23 2009

Samsung released three more cameras today, including a new compact super-zoom (Again?!) which puts itself even closer to its direct competitor, the Lumix ZS3:

Samsung HZ15W aka WB550
(Compact super zoom)

12 effective megapixels
24 – 240 mm (f3.3 – f5.8) 10X optical zoom lens
Optical image stabilization
3 inch LCD
Smart Auto mode and Smart Album photo search
Full manual controls
720p 30 FPS movie mode with sound
Takes SD/SDHC memory cards
Uses a lithium-ion battery
Available in March for $330

Samsung TL320 aka WB100
(Advanced compact camera)

12 effective megapixels
24 – 120 mm […]

Camera News
New Canon cameras released
by Brad Soo on February 18 2009

Canon released a whole bunch of new cameras today, beginning with their compact super-zoom, the SX200 IS, hot on the heels of the Panasonic Lumix ZS3 aka Lumix TZ7. There’s also Canon’s first ever waterproof/rugged camera.
Canon also announced the availability of their SX1 IS high-end super-zoom from last fall and entry-level PowerShot A480 from last month in the US.

Canon PowerShot SX200
(Compact ultra-zoom)

12 effective megapixels
28 – 336 mm (f3.4 – f5.3) 12X optical zoom lens
Optical image stabilization
3 inch LCD
Smart Auto, […]

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