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by Brad Soo on March 31 2009

With PMA and the steady stream of new camera announcements from January to March over, things are about to become busy – summer is coming, school semesters are finishing, everyone’s getting busy, going on vacations, shopping (well, maybe less so because of the current economy…). But rest assured there will be reviews of your favorite, most sought after digital cameras here on DPInterface!

To those who wrote in to me or left comments on the site, you’ve been heard. I’ll try my best in getting out reviews of digital cameras which are popular among our readers; and of course, those requested by readers. Hey, it’s not too late to “ask for a camera review”, leave a comment here! Again, I’ll try my best – I can’t make guarantees because I’ve got a lot of cameras lined up here at the moment.

And in case you’ve missed them, here are some of the latest reviews DPInterface has published recently:

Check them out! Thank you all, for being readers of DPInterface and also for your patience.

Camera News
Olympus E450 digital SLR announced
by Brad Soo on March 31 2009

Olympus announced their new E450 digital SLR today which is a very minor upgrade to last year’s E420. The improvements are three Art Filters, a new processor (TruePic III Plus) and a new LCD panel. Everything else remains the same as its predecessor, including its relatively compact (For an SLR) design.

Olympus E450
(Entry-level digital SLR camera)

10 megapixel Live MOS sensor (2X crop factor)
Dust reduction
TruePic III Plus imaging processor
2.7 inch HyperCrystal II LCD
Live view with contrast detect autofocus and face detection
Full manual […]

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