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in on January 9 2012

Sony Cyber-shot W610, W620 and W650 trio
Sony has taken the wraps off three affordably priced Cyber-shot models today. The new Sony Cyber-shot W610, W620 and W650 allow you to own a small metal point-and-shoot camera with a decent feature set for not a lot of money.

W610 and W620: 14 megapixel CCD imaging sensor
W650: 16 megapixel CCD imaging sensor
W610: 4X optical zoom: 26 – 104 mm (f2.8 – f5.9) lens
W620: 5X optical zoom: 28 – 140 mm (f3.2 – f6.5) lens
W650: […]

Camera Reviews
in on November 17 2011

Here’s my in-depth review of the Sony Cyber-shot WX9, a compact and affordable little camera with a backlit CMOS image sensor and a nice point-and-shoot feature set. The camera also packs the ability record Full HD movies and big high-resolution 3 inch display. Also check out Sony Cyber-shot WX9 photo gallery to view full-sized photos taken using the camera.

Camera News
in on June 8 2011

Sony took the wraps off their latest Alpha digital SLR model with a unique semi-transparent mirror today.
Sony Alpha SLT-A35
(Entry-level digital SLR camera)

16.2 effective megapixels (EXMOR APS-C CMOS sensor, 1.5X crop)
Sony Alpha mount (1.5X crop factor)
Translucent mirror technology (semi transparent mirror) allows fast and continuous autofocus, even in movie mode
3 inch fixed LCD (921,000 pixels); electronic viewfinder (1.15 million pixels)
Conventional proprietary Sony hotshoe
Camera has built-in wireless flash control
ISO speed range of 100 - 12800 (expandable to ISO 25600)
Full […]

Camera News
in on June 8 2011

Sony has just announced their next-generation camera in their mirrorless NEX camera system. It’s a fairly evolutionary update, with a higher resolution EXMOR CMOS sensor and slightly tweaked design.
Sony NEX-C3
(Compact interchangeable lens camera)

16.2 effective megapixels (EXMOR APS-C CMOS sensor, 1.5X crop)
Sony E-mount (1.5X crop factor); compatible with Alpha lenses (minus autofocus ability) via adapter
3 inch LCD (921,000 pixels) with two separate hinges for tilting
Proprietary “Smart Accessory Terminal” port where you can attach an external ‘popup’ flash or optical viewfinder
ISO […]

Lens news
Sony E-mount 30mm f3.5 Macro for NEX
in on June 8 2011

Sony E-mount 30mm f3.5 Macro
Sony has brought out a new lens for the E-mount used by their line of NEX cameras. The 30 mm f3.5 Macro has a minimum focusing distance of 0.95 inches, or 2.4 centimeters, which allows for 1:1 magnification of your subject.
The lens sports one ED glass element and 3 aspherical elements pair with an internal silent autofocus mechanism and comes standard with a lens hood.
The Sony E-mount 30 mm f3.5 Macro will be available for $250 […]

Accessory news
Sony HVL F20S flash for NEX
in on June 8 2011

Sony HVL-F20S external flash
Sony has just announced the release of a new external flash for NEX and E-mount cameras, the HVL-F20S flash. This moderately sized flash is designed to be a more powerful alternative to the tiny popup flash attachment that Sony bundles with their NEX cameras without being as bulky as a ‘full-sized’ external flash for traditional SLR cameras.
The Sony HVL-F20S flash, in addition to having a name which is a mouthful to say, has a guide number of […]

Camera News
Two new Sony cameras with big zoom lenses
in on February 1 2011

Sony has just announced two new cameras this morning equipped with their latest 16 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor. These two super-zoom cameras, a compact one and a ‘full-size” super-zoom, sport high speed and high sensitivity shooting modes, built-in GPS and compass, high resolution screens and the ability to record Full HD 1080p/60p movies.

Sony Cyber-shot HX9V
(Compact super-zoom)

16 effective megapixel EXMOR-R backlit CMOS sensor
24 – 384 mm (f3.3 – f5.9) 16X optical zoom lens
Optical image stabilization; Active stabilization reduces high levels […]

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