by Brad Soo on August 28 2009

DPInterface Review Ratings (2009 implementation)
We first introduced a ‘ratings system’ for our camera reviews way back in 2006 but now we’re making a few changes to things. Individual cameras are rated based on overall impression and how well they fit into today’s standards.

Our review ratings, like any other rating system out there, serve only as a relative ‘guide’ as to how good/bad a camera is. Yes, I said relative because numbers don’t say as much as words. You won’t know which areas of image quality a camera excels in, or if a camera lacks certain features just by looking at numbers. It’s also a little difficult to compare present-day cameras against older models, so make sure you read the full review.

Digital camera aspects:

  • Design and build quality
  • Bundle in the box
  • Lens (Zoom, aperture range, image stabilization)
  • Feature set and manual controls
  • Ergonomics and ease of use
  • Performance and speed
  • Image quality
  • Overall rating

So here’s how a camera performs based on the ratings given.
5 - Excellent; perfect or close to it
4 - Above average
3 - Average; on par with other cameras of its class
2 - Below average
1 - Terrible; most or all of the competition are very much ahead

The only drawback of all ratings systems (this one included) is they’re good for a certain period of time and cannot be used to compare against an older or newer product - at least without much difficulty. But rest assured that our reviews will be in-depth complete so you’ll be able to compare any camera with another.

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