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by Brad Soo on February 26 2012

After months in the pipeline, dpinterface is finally proud to unveil our new site design. Nearly 7 years ago, dpinterface launched as a resource geared towards regular folks, like you and me, shopping for a camera. We wanted to give our readers as much information as possible in our in-depth reviews but without having to wade through complicated camera jargon and a sea of multiple pages.

As dpinterface is about to turn 7 years old in April, we’re proud to say that our tradition and style still stands: Single-paged, unbiased, in-depth reviews… made better over the years, of course, thanks to reader feedback.

With plenty of digital cameras (and smartphones with decent cameras) continuing to swarm the market, we stepped things up a notch with our big comeback last year with lots of in-depth camera reviews. While other sites have turned to watering down their content in favor of pumping out more reviews, we still aim to provide everyone with great informative reviews as we always have.

With a new streamlined and uncluttered look, our new design takes things to the next level to focus more on camera reviews, while also improving our ability to deliver more news stories, tips and tricks and articles in photography. There’s better navigation now, so you can browse our reviews and news stories over the years: Right now we’ve got all 2012 articles and reviews accessible by brand and camera type via the bar just below our new logo; we’re still shifting through reviews and articles from 2005 to 2011 but they should be accessible and searchable over the next couple of days.

And yes, we’ve also given a facelift to our logo (the old one was so two-thousand-and-eight), maintaining the classic color scheme from our inception but making it look cleaner and more modern. We’re going to be rolling out more new features over the next couple of weeks that you will definitely appreciate… for instance, long time readers may have noticed the ‘featured’ section from our old design is gone, but that will return soon in an all new form of handpicked highlights soon. There’s a new photo gallery system coming up soon as well.

We hope you like our new design. feel free to give us your feedback and thanks for being a reader of dpinterface!

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