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by Brad Soo on November 18 2009

Hey all, it’s time for an update to keep everyone posted about the latest and greatest at DPInterface. Well, first off, we’ve covered three very exciting camera launches over the past three months (complete with previews) and other areas, published quite a number of full reviews… I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt things have been moving a little sluggishly lately (yes, I’ve been overwhelmed with things over the last two weeks), not that the site’s been static but I just feel the need to post more reviews, reach out to readers looking for specific cameras. Main thing is, I wanna help you as much as possible for year-end/holiday shopping; if you want to know whether camera A is good, or if camera B is worth your time, I would surely like to have reviewed that camera so you know you’re making the right choice before you pull out that plastic (or wad of cash).

I’ve got hot stuff like the Canon PowerShot S90, Nikon D3000 and Panasonic Lumix GF1 (just to name a few) lined up for review… and plenty more (too many cameras, from too many makers to list). I’ve got good news… and more good news. The good news is Thanksgiving is coming next week, I’m wrapping up with most ‘real life’ things this Friday and I’ll be all ready to write plenty of camera reviews. And the even better news? Well, if I’m feeling nice, I might just post a bunch of Panasonic GF1 photos taken in Australia (DPI readers from downunder will probably know the precise locations where the photos were taken icon wink .

-The Panasonic GF1 is surprisingly compact and pocketable (body only), shutter is fairly noisy for a mirrorless camera though.
-Canon PowerShot S90 has advanced white balance controls, 9×9 color grid is adjustable towards green/magenta and blue/amber directions (bet you didn’t know that!)
-Fujifilm’s EXR sensors in their latest compact are impressive for their small size

That’s it for now, hope those doing Thanksgiving have got turkey ready =). Stay tuned to DPInterface, camera review season starts this week.

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