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by Brad on October 20 2009

Canon Event Live Coverage
3:45 am GMT – DPInterface is proud to present our first ever live event coverage to our readers. Today, we’ll be covering a VERY important Canon event. So… keep checking back as our Canon event live coverage begins NOW!
4:10 am GMT – The doors have opened! I heard something is happening at 5 am =)
4:30 am GMT – Still waiting. I’m writing from my Windows Mobile phone by the way, since there’s no open WiFi network for my netbook. Have yet to setup tethering.
5:00 am GMT – Canon 1D Mark 4 official! Check out the dedicated post about it here (complete with specs and all).
6:00 am GMT – Canon gives the green light for testing out the camera. Sample photos (pre-production) and preview coming later today!
That’s all for our live coverage of the Canon EOS 1D Mark 4 launch today folks! Hope you enjoyed it.
UPDATE: I apologize for the lack of pictures here (they’ll be posted later) since my phone isn’t the best thing (usability and performance wise) to post up pictures. I’ll be posting pictures of and from the EOS 1D Mark 4 later once I get a stable, good connection on my netbook.

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