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by Brad Soo on August 8 2009

Thanks to the 3000+ readers who took our little survey last week, we got down to writing our first ever Camera comparative review and have just published it today! Our comparative reviews, not to be confused with Group reviews, will be an extension to our usual reviews; which means full reviews are NOT going anywhere. Let’s say I had to review a bunch of ultra-zoom cameras:

  • A group review would be a single review article, attempting to review all three cameras at the same time. So it’s essentially a “Canon SX10 + Nikon P90 + Olympus SP590” review.
  • A comparative review will be a concise and straightforward comparison between the three cameras “Canon SX10 vs. Nikon P90 vs. Olympus SP590”. The difference here is that each camera will be independently reviewed beforehand, so you’ll still get a full Canon SX10 review, full Nikon P90 review and full Olympus SP590 review (three full reviews) before the comparative review comes out.

Group reviews compromise the quality of reviews, in my opinion, while comparison reviews would add-on to existing reviews to summarize the differences between several similar cameras and help determine the best of the bunch. Again, full reviews will still be published to give cameras individual attention before a comparative review comes out. Yet another reason why DPInterface stands out from the crowd.

Check out the Rugged camera comparative review and tell us what you think! What other improvements should we tack on to future reviews?

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