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Samsung announced five affordable cameras
in on January 19 2011

With the heat from CES starting to cool down, looks like Samsung still has some spillover camera announcements to make. Check them out:

Samsung ST6500
(Compact cameras)

16 effective megapixels
26 – 130 mm (f3.3 – f5.9) 5X optical zoom lens
Optical image stabilization
3 inch touchscreen LCD; “Smart Touch UI” is a smartphone-esque touchscreen interface
Smart Auto with auto scene selection
720p HD (1280 x 720) 30 FPS movie mode with sound
Takes SD/SDHC memory cards
Uses a lithium-ion battery
Available in March for $230

Samsung ST65, ST90 and […]

Camera News
Samsung releases new Dual View and compact super-zoom cameras
in on January 5 2011

Samsung showed off five new camera models today. Samsung introduced three additions to their “Dual View” camera line, which have unique front-facing displays (in addition to the traditionally placed ones at the back) which allow you to take self-portraits more easily. They’ve also introduced a pair of compact super-zoom cameras, one of which (the WB210) features a 12X optical zoom lens that starts at a really wide 24 mm.

Samsung PL120, PL170 and ST700 Dual View
(Compact cameras)

PL120: 14 effective megapixels
PL170 […]

Camera News
Samsung unveils affordable WiFi camera for 2011
in on January 4 2011

Samsung has just kicked off camera announcements for the year 2011 with the release of the Samsung SH100 camera this morning. The camera is affordably priced, but still features a large touchscreen, built-in WiFi

Samsung SH100
(Compact camera)

14 effective megapixel CCD
26 – 130 mm (f3.3 – f5.9) 5X optical zoom lens
3 inch touchscreen LCD
New Smart Access User Interface makes camera operation similar to that of smartphones
Built-in WiFi capability
You can email and upload photos/videos online
720p HD (1280 x 720) 30 FPS movie […]

Camera News
Samsung NX100 – Samsung’s answer to PEN, GF1 and NEX
in on September 14 2010

People looking for more options in ‘big sensor, small camera’ market – rejoice! Samsung has entered the fray of ‘compact’ form factor interchangeable lens cameras with their new NX100. The Samsung NX100 takes the stuff that made the NX10 (from earlier this year) great, and fits everything into a smaller, less SLR-esque package that may seem familiar if you’ve seen the Olympus PEN series, Panasonic GF1 or Sony NEX cameras.

Samsung NX100
(Interchangeable lens camera)

14.6 effective megapixels (APS-C CMOS sensor, 1.5X […]

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