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in on February 8 2012

Pentax WG-2
Pentax has just announced a pair of rugged digital cameras, both called the WG-2. The difference is that the plain Pentax WG-2 doesn’t come with GPS, while the Pentax WG-2 GPS variant… well, as the name suggests, has built-in GPS functionality.

16 megapixel CMOS imaging sensor
Waterproof (12 meters/40 feet), shockproof (1.5 meters/5 feet), freezeproof (-10C/14F) and dustproof
Optional chest strap for hands-free video recording and waterproof remote control
5X optical zoom: 28 – 140 mm (f3.5 – f5.5) lens
3 inch LCD (460,000 […]

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in on January 25 2012

Pentax Optio VS20
Pentax has announced a compact super-zoom with a 20X optical zoom lens and unique vertical shooting controls (means the camera has two shutter buttons and two zoom levers to allow you to take portrait and landscape photos easily). Besides that, it seems to have a pretty conventional set of features for a compact camera.

16 megapixel CCD sensor
20X optical zoom 28 – 560 mm (f3.1 – f4.8) lens
Sensor-shift image stabilization
3 inch LCD (460,000 pixels)
Two shutter buttons, two zoom levers […]

Camera News
in on June 23 2011

Pentax Q
(Compact interchangeable lens camera)
Pentax marked their entrance into the compact interchangeable lens camera market today with the announcement of the “Q” camera that uses a new Pentax Q mount (along with five strangely named “number” Q lenses). The camera is significantly smaller than competing cameras from the likes of Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Olympus because of its 1/2.3 inch sensor (closer to the size you’d get in compact cameras rather than digital SLR models).

12 megapixel 1/2.3″ backlit CMOS sensor
Q-mount […]

Camera News
Pentax intros K-r entry-level SLR, 2 Optio cameras and a lens
in on September 9 2010

Pentax announced a brand new digital SLR, a new SLR lens and two new Optio compact cameras today. They’re all pretty interesting if you asked me – the Pentax K-r digital SLR has a feature set similar to mid-range class SLRs while sporting a more affordable ‘entry-level’ price. The Optio RZ10 is Pentax’s first attempt at the compact super-zoom camera market (As far as my memory can recall) while the entry-level Optio RS1000 introduces interchangeable faceplates (just like what you […]

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