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in on February 8 2012

Olympus E-M5 Micro Four Thirds camera
Olympus has just announced the first ever professional level Micro Four Thirds camera, which also happens to be their new flagship. Following the ‘retro’ naming scheme started by their PEN Micro Four Thirds camera, Olympus is touting the new OM-D E-M5 camera they announced today as the digital ancestor of their old OM cameras from almost half a century ago. This means the Olympus E-M5 does not sit in the ‘PEN’ family in terms of […]

Camera News
in on February 8 2012

Olympus SZ31MR
Olympus has announced a new camera, the SZ31MR, which is a camera that sits somewhere between a compact super-zoom and full-sized ultra-zoom camera in terms of size. The MR in the name denotes ‘Multi Recording’ which means the camera can record videos while allowing you to take still photos at the same time.

16 megapixel CMOS imaging sensor
Dual imaging processors
24X optical zoom: 25 – 600 mm (f3.0 – f6.9) lens
3 inch touchscreen LCD (920,000 dots)
Point-and-shoot with Intelligent Auto mode, no […]

Camera News
in on February 8 2012

Olympus TG820
Olympus has just announced their new top of the line rugged camera for 2012, the Tough TG820. The camera is just as rugged as previous flagship models from Olympus but packs in new features for this year such as HDR mode.

12 megapixel CMOS imaging sensor
Waterproof (10 meters/33 feet), shockproof (2 meters/6.6 feet), freezeproof (-10C/14F) and dustproof
5X optical zoom: 28 – 140 mm (f3.9 – f5.9) lens
3 inch LCD (1 million dots)
Point-and-shoot with Intelligent Auto mode, no manual controls
Continuous shooting […]

Camera News
in on January 9 2012

Olympus SP620UZ ultra-zoom
Olympus has just unveiled a brand new big zoom camera at an affordable price of just $200. This point-and-shoot model sports plenty of zoom with an ergonomic form factor.

16 megapixel CCD sensor
21X optical zoom 25 – 525 mm (f3.1 – f5.8) lens
Sensor-shift image stabilization
3 inch LCD (230,000 pixels)
iAuto and scene modes; no manual controls
In-camera panorama, 3D photo mode, Magic Filters and new Beauty Make-up mode
720p Standard HD movie mode with sound
Takes SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards
Uses 4 AA batteries
Available this […]

Camera News
in on January 9 2012

Olympus SZ-12 ultra-zoom camera
Olympus just announced another ultra-zoom camera which matches the price of the other big zoom model it announced today, but with a bigger zoom range, slightly more compact form factor and higher resolution screen. Why it’s priced the same as its bulkier counterpart with less zoom is beyond me, but if you can wait two months till March, the SZ12 looks like a better deal on paper.

14 megapixel CCD sensor
24X optical zoom 25 – 600 mm […]

Camera News
in on January 9 2012

Olympus TG320 rugged camera
Olympus has just announced their newest rugged camera in time for the year 2012. The camera is apparently their entry-level rugged offering, so we suspect we will be hearing from Olympus again in the near future about higher-end rugged cameras.

14 megapixel CCD sensor
3.6X optical zoom 28 – 102 mm (f3.5 – f5.1) lens
Sensor-shift image stabilization
2.7 inch LCD (230,000 pixels)
iAuto mode and scene modes
Rugged camera design: Waterproof (10 feet/3 meters), shockproof (5 feet/1.5 meters), freezeproof (14F/-10C) and dustproof
720p […]

Camera News
in on January 9 2012

Olympus VG160 and VR340 entry-level cameras
Olympus has just launched a pair of entry-level compact digital camera models. Despite being different from each other in terms of optical zoom range, both share one thing in common: affordable price tag. First off, here’s the specifications of the basic Olympus VG160:

14 megapixel traditional CCD imaging sensor
5X optical zoom: 26 – 130 mm (f2.8 – f6.5) lens
3 inch LCD (230,000 pixels)
iAuto with scene modes and Magic Filters; no manual controls
Standard HD 720p movie mode […]

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