New year, new cameras, changing times in photography
by Brad Soo on January 31

The new year only means one thing: new cameras. And with new cameras come new photo opportunities. The initial announcements at CES of this year consisted of a couple of interesting models, specifically from Fujifilm, Canon and Samsung, but we will probably see another parade of new cameras being launched this February; we have our eyes on Nikon and Sony who haven’t gotten many new things out of the door yet in 2012. With new cameras and the new year [...]

Holiday season is a good time to start preparing for next year
by Brad Soo on December 5

We’re close to yet another new year and while the focus of most folks right now is enjoying the warmth in the homes and the joy of shopping for the holiday season, it’s never too late to start planning ahead for what’s coming next year. The industry is getting more competitive as cameras become more affordable and individuals offering their photography services are popping out everywhere. Granted that the biggest selling points or appeal would be skill and experience of [...]

Surviving the modern business landscape
by Brad Soo on October 21

Every individual, including many photographers, nowadays needs to establish their reputation in an ever competitive marketplace filled with both opportunities and competition. There is more emphasis on branding and promotion, which makes the effectiveness of winning over a client more dependent on self-marketing than ever before. As the spotlight moves towards focusing on visual presentation, things like professional dressing and photo business cards become factors of differentiation from competing folks in the industry. If one is not ready to [...]

Holiday season is coming
by Brad Soo on October 6

The holiday season is coming and we are going to be getting plenty of camera reviews in to help you to do your year-end shopping. This year has been an interesting one with plenty of new digital camera releases, particularly those with high speed capabilities and low light modes. There has also been the introduction of various interchangeable lens cameras, with Nikon and Pentax being the latest newcomers into that category. The camera market is slightly less crowded this year [...]

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