DPInterface July 2005 News Archive

July 31st, 2005
It isn't over

I just finished reviewing the Canon Powershot SD200 Digital ELPH, so you can now read the full review.

July 28th, 2005
Fujifilm releases new cameras

Fujifilm just released the following cameras (All three have Fujifilm's SuperCCD HR sensors):

FinePix S9000 - 9 megapixels with almost 11x optical zoom, ISO sensitivity up to ISO 1600, 1.8 inch tilting LCD, zoom + manual focus rings, full manual controls and unlimited VGA 30 FPS movies which are optical zoom enabled.

FinePix E900 - 9 megapixels with 4x optical zoom, ISO up to ISO 800, full manual controls and unlimited VGA 30 FPS movies, all in a compact body.

FinePix S5200 - 5 megapixels, 10x optical zoom, ISO 64 till ISO 1600 and full manual controls.

All three will be available around September

July 22nd, 2005

Those two people who stole my S500 were caught! The battery and memory card were both intact but the photos that my friend took were gone.

July 20th, 2005
New Panasonic cameras

Today, Panasonic released the:

Lumix FZ30 - With 8 megapixels, extra optical zoom, high-resolution LCD & EVF, optical image stabilization and a zoom ring plus manual focus ring.

Lumix FX9 - The FX8's features plus an extra megapixel (6 megapixels) and an LCD with a much better resolution compared to the FX7/FX8.

Lumix LX1 - 8 megapixel wide-angle compact camera which can take wide-screen 16:9 movies and stills, full manual controls, extra optical zoom optical and image stabilization.


I lent my S500 Digital ELPH to a friend this morning and it ended up getting stolen forcefully by a man and his accomplice! I've lodged a report against those terrible people.

July 18th, 2005
Is this the month of reviews?

The full review of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W7, which has 7 megapixels, has just come online!

July 15th, 2005
A new camera released

Konica Minolta just released its DiMAGE X1 today which is a slim compact camera with 8 megapixels, a large 2.5 inch LCD and optical image stabilization!

And more reviews

And two new full reviews out as well: The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S40 and Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W5!

July 13th, 2005
Sony T7 and T33 reviews

The Sony Cyber-shot T7 is just 9.8 mm at its thinnest point, and is Sony's (And possibly the world's) thinnest digital camera with optical zoom. You can also read the full review of the Sony Cyber-shot T33, a camera which is a bit thicker than the T7.

July 10th, 2005
ANOTHER review

The full review of the Canon PowerShot SD400 Digital ELPH is here!

July 9th, 2005
More reviews

Today's reviews: The Nikon Coolpix S1 and Nikon Coolpix S2.

July 3rd, 2005
Sony H1 review

The full review of the Sony Cyber-shot H1 has just been put online.

July 2nd, 2005
A long weekend

The long July 4th weekend has just begun (Well, yesterday). Have a great weekend! By today, you should see some new reviews on the site. Remember that you can always request for a specific camera to be reviewed by writing to me.

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