DPInterface SanDisk Ultra II Secure Digital Review
Brad Soo - January 30th, 2006

The SanDisk Ultra II Secure Digital is a very capable memory card which can write at 9 MB/s (60X) and reading at 10 MB/s (66X)! Like other SanDisk Ultra II memory cards, the Ultra II Secure Digital has a limited lifetime warranty. Based on some very rigorous tests I did with it, the SanDisk Ultra II SD performs quite well. By the way, I tested the 1 GB SanDisk Ultra II Secure Digital. Take a look:

Performance Tests

Test 1 *

Camera: Canon PowerShot SD550 Digital ELPH (7 megapixels) AKA Digital Ixus 750

Settings used: Continuous shooting at ISO 400 activated in Manual mode with all other settings unaltered. Lens at wide-angle. Image size and quality at large/superfine respectively. Average photo file size is ~3.7 MB.

One of the compact cameras well known for speed and performance (But not battery life, sadly) is the Canon PowerShot SD550 Digital ELPH. Its buffer is almost impossible to fill so it all comes down to the memory card used.

In this test, I used 2 cards: the non-speed rated SanDisk Secure Digital card the SanDisk Ultra II Secure Digital card. Here's what I got: Using the plain non-speed rated card, I got 10 photos at 1.9 FPS before the shooting rate started to slow down. Using the Ultra II card, the camera rocketed at 2.3 FPS and filled up the card without slowing down.

Test 2 **

Computer: Pentium 4 (M)obile 2 GHz, 768 MB RAM, 40 GB hard drive and USB 2.0 High-speed

Over here, the SanDisk Ultra II Secure Digital card transferred about 950 MB worth of photos to my PC in 87 seconds; That's less than 2 minutes!

* Results may differ according to shooting conditions, camera settings and amount of photos already taken.
** Results may differ according to hard drive capacity/type/brand, USB ports, computer specifications, etc.


The results are clear: The SanDisk Ultra II Secure Digital is one fast card and is an excellent choice for most photographers, even dSLR owners. The only thing is that Ultra II SD cards are about ~$20 more expensive than their non-speed rated counterparts. But then again, it's worth the blazing performance you'll get with this memory card!

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