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by Brad Soo on January 6

Fujifilm FinePix HS25EXR and HS30EXR prosumer super-zoom cameras
Fujifilm has brought out two brand new super-zoom cameras today which sport big 30X zoom lenses, ‘prosumer’ SLR-like design, plenty of manual controls along with an improved EXR CMOS (still 16 megapixels) which promise lower noise at towards the high ISO range.
For America, Fujifilm has also decided to bring about their X-S1 camera (which is essentially their ultimate super-zoom; sporting a larger 12 megapixel 2/3 inch EXR CMOS, 26X optical zoom and plenty […]

by Brad Soo on January 5

Nikon D4 SLR
Nikon finally unveiled their new flagship ‘multimedia’ SLR today, the much anticipated Nikon D4 SLR. The camera is Nikon’s ultimate professional camera for the time being and features very capable still image shooting as well as video recording capabilities.

16 megapixel FX-format full-frame CMOS sensor
Nikon F-mount; no crop factor with FX lenses
Camera auto crops images to 6 megapixels with DX lenses
Rugged construction that is dust and moisture sealed; shutter life rated at 400,000 actuations
Backlit buttons
3.2 inch LCD (921,000 pixels)
Optical […]

by Brad Soo on January 5

Fujifilm 2012 budget ultra-zoom models: FinePix S4200, S4500 and SL300
Fujifilm has unveiled three more affordable full-sized ultra-zoom cameras to complement the two flagship EXR models mentioned above. These three cameras sport traditional CCD sensors, more basic operation (ie fewer buttons and advanced controls) though you still do get manual exposure controls and lower price tags.

14 megapixel traditional CCD image sensor
S4200: 24 – 576 mm (f3.1 – f5.9) 24X optical zoom lens
S4500 and SL300: 24 – 720 mm (f3.1 – f5.9) […]

by Brad Soo on January 5

Fujifilm 2012 F-series: FinePix F660EXR, F700EXR and F770EXR
Fujifilm’s F-series camera line had a humble beginning many years ago with the point-and-shoot FinePix F10 (Anyone remember this camera? It’s like a classic/milestone in Fujifilm’s digital camera history). And to the delight of many, the F-series have transformed to include bigger zoom lenses and manual controls, making them great ‘travel’ cameras thanks to their versatility.
This year, they’ve got three new F-series cameras: the FinePix F660 EXR, F750EXR and F770EXR.

16 megapixel EXR CMOS […]

by Brad Soo on January 5

Fujifilm rugged camera lineup 2012: FinePix XP50, XP100 and XP150
In their epic 2012 FinePix lineup launch (which totals close to 20 new cameras), Fujifilm has brought out three new rugged cameras. These new compact models sport waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and dustproof bodies while sporting a decent amount of optical zoom and point-and-click features. The FinePix XP50 contains the core features of a rugged digital camera while the XP100 and XP150 add on with more toughness (deeper waterproof rating and ability […]

by Brad Soo on January 5

Fujifilm FinePix T400
Fujifilm announced a pair of affordable compact super-zoom cameras today. The FinePix T350 and T400 sport identical 10X zoom lenses, which is on par with what pricier compact super-zoom models of yesteryear had, and conventional CCD image sensors.

T350: 14 megapixel CCD sensor
T400: 16 megapixel CCD sensor
28 – 280 mm (f3.4 – f5.6) 10X optical zoom lens
Sensor-shift image stabilization
3 inch LCD (230,000 pixels)
Automatic shooting with auto scene detection; no manual controls
Motion Panorama lets you automatically create a panorama
720p standard […]

Fujifilm entry-level camera lineup for 2012
by Brad Soo on January 5

Fujifilm FinePix JZ250, one of Fujifilm's five new affordable cameras for 2012
Fujifilm announced a whopping eighteen new cameras today, and to kick things off, there’s five affordably priced pocket cameras with sub-$150 price tags. These cameras are extremely similar in terms of feature set: point and shoot operation (no manual controls), ‘traditional’ CCD image sensor (means no high-speed burst or slow motion movie modes here), basic 720p HD video with mono sound and simple operation in mind, allowing you to […]

by Brad Soo on January 2

Samsung DualView DV300F
Samsung has just made themselves the first camera maker of 2012 to release a new digital camera with the announcement of their new DualView DV300F camera. The camera sports dual LCD displays (the front one for self-portraits) and has built-in WiFi functionality.

16 megapixel CCD imaging sensor
5X optical zoom lens (25-125 mm, f2.5-f6.3)
Optical image stabilizer
Dual LCD displays: rear 3 inch (460,000 pixel) LCD, front 1.5 inch LCD
Built-in WiFi for uploading photos to photo sharing sites, cloud storage services and […]

by Brad Soo on November 15

Panasonic took the wraps off the true successor to their 2009 Lumix GF1 today. The Lumix GX1 is their latest compact interchangeable lens camera which sits a little higher up from the market position that the Lumix GF3 currently occupies.

16 megapixel Live MOS image sensor (2X crop factor)
Micro Four Thirds lens mount
3 inch touchscreen LCD (460k pixels)
Optional EVF with tilt function has 1.44 million pixels, 1.4X magnification
Improved autofocus performance
Full manual controls with RAW image mode
Customizable physical buttons, touch buttons and […]

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