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Fujifilm readies new cameras for mid-summer 2009 as well
by Brad Soo on July 22

Fujifilm released a slew of new digital cameras today, including two new ‘EXR’ SuperCCD cameras and a new ‘Real 3D’ camera – details on the 3D camera are scarce, other than the fact that it can take 3D photos, 3D movies and play them back on its high-resolution screen (in 3D, no less), and I’ll only be posting details on Fujifilm’s 3D camera when there’s more in September. The thing I noticed about all of them is they all use […]

Olympus announces four mid-summer 2009 cameras
by Brad Soo on July 22

Olympus announced four new compact cameras today – the new Stylus 7010 is a compact super-zoom camera (it has a new 7X zoom lens and the camera fits in your pocket) while the three FE series cameras are budget cameras. The new ‘Magic Filters’ feature, first spotted on the new Stylus Tough 6010 from last week, is here again…
But the best thing of all is the fact that all of the new cameras today (except the low-end FE46) have […]

Olympus Stylus Tough 6010 announced
by Brad Soo on July 17

Olympus announced a new rugged camera today. The Olympus Stylus Tough aka Mju Tough 6010 is an incremental upgrade to the Stylus 6000 launched earlier this year (see our review), featuring just two main changes – an up in megapixel count and new Magic Filter effects

Olympus Stylus Tough 6010
(Rugged compact camera)

12 effective megapixels
28 – 102 mm (f3.5 – f5.1) 3.6X optical zoom lens
Rugged design: waterproof to 10 feet, drop proof to 5 feet and freezeproof to 14 degrees
Sensor shift […]

Two new basic Samsung compacts
by Brad Soo on July 14

Samsung announced two pretty basic point-and-snap digital cameras today:

Samsung SL502 and SL720
(Point-and-shoot cameras)

12 effective megapixels
35 – 175 mm (f3.5 – f5.5) 5X optical zoom lens for SL502
28 – 140 mm (f3.5 – f5.6) 5X optical zoom lens for SL720
Optical image stabilization (SL720 only)
2.7 inch LCD
Smart Auto Mode (aka automatic scene mode selection)
Face, smile and blink detection; face recognition
Smart Album plays back photos by all sorts of categories
No manual controls
VGA (SL502)/HD 720p (SL720) 30 FPS movie mode with sound
Takes SD/SDHC memory […]

DPI’s 4th of July camera picks
by Brad Soo on July 2

July 4th is this weekend! Have you gotten your camera ready? If you’re planning to dart out there today or tomorrow and get a new camera, take it easy and do some reading up first (so you don’t regret your purchase decision). Here are four cameras you may want to consider:

Pentax Optio W80 rugged camera announced
by Brad Soo on June 24

Pentax announced their first rugged camera today (the previous Pentax W-series were merely waterproof) and here it is – the Optio W80.

Pentax Optio W80
(Rugged camera)

12 effective megapixels
28 – 140 mm (f3.3 – f5.5) 5X optical zoom lens
Digital ‘pixel tracking’ image stabilization [slaps self on forehead]
2.5 inch LCD
Auto Picture Mode (aka automatic scene mode selection)
Face, smile and blink detection
Digital wide combines two pictures into a single 21 mm wide photo
Dynamic range adjustment
No manual controls
HD 720p 30 FPS movie mode with sound
Takes […]

Olympus E-P1 interchangeable lens camera
by Brad Soo on June 16

Olympus officially announced their first Micro Four Thirds camera today. The new E-P1 ‘PEN’ camera is an interchangeable lens camera features the controls and flexibility you’ll find in a typical digital SLR, but it’s a lot smaller… it’s even more compact than Panasonic’s GH1 camera. Oh, and as a Micro Four Thirds camera, the E-P1 PEN is strictly live view only – it has neither a mirror box nor a built-in optical viewfinder (Though an [optional] external viewfinder is available, […]

Three new digital cameras in June
by Brad Soo on June 11

There were three new digital cameras announced today, seemingly out of nowhere by three camera manufacturers. The star of the day has got to be Casio’s Exilim H10 compact super-zoom camera which features 12 megapixels, a 10X optical zoom lens with sensor-shift image stabilization, large 3 inch LCD, high-speed modes and Casio claims this camera’s battery life is rated at 1000 shots per charge. The other two cameras are from Fujifilm and Samsung respectively. The Fujifilm FinePix Z300 is an […]

Pentax K7 digital SLR
by Brad Soo on May 20

Pentax announced their new mid-range K7 digital SLR today. The new Pentax K7 is more compact than the K20D it replaces and has several new features, including a new image sensor and 720p movie mode:

Pentax K7
(Mid-range digital SLR camera)

14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor (1.5X crop factor)
Sensor-shift image stabilization
Weather sealing
Dust reduction
Pentax K lens mount
Viewfinder with 0.92X magnification, 100% frame coverage
11 point AF
3 inch super-high resolution LCD
Live view with contrast detection AF
Full manual controls with hotshoe, RAW and wireless flash
Shutter+aperture and sensitivity priority […]

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