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Olympus updates flagship digital SLR
by Brad Soo on September 14

Olympus has just announced their new flagship digital SLR today, the Olympus E-5. The new E-5 introduces a few changes and improvements here and there (some of which you’ve probably already seen in Olympus’ recent consumer digital SLRs); none of which are particularly earth-shaking. But nevertheless, here’s what’s up with the Olympus E-5:

Olympus E-5
(Digital SLR camera)

12.3 effective megapixels (Live MOS sensor, 1.5X crop)
Four Thirds lens mount (2X crop factor)
Sensor-shift image stabilization
3 inch rotating LCD (921,000 pixels)
Weathersealed magnesium alloy body
Shutter […]

Pentax intros K-r entry-level SLR, 2 Optio cameras and a lens
by Brad Soo on September 9

Pentax announced a brand new digital SLR, a new SLR lens and two new Optio compact cameras today. They’re all pretty interesting if you asked me – the Pentax K-r digital SLR has a feature set similar to mid-range class SLRs while sporting a more affordable ‘entry-level’ price. The Optio RZ10 is Pentax’s first attempt at the compact super-zoom camera market (As far as my memory can recall) while the entry-level Optio RS1000 introduces interchangeable faceplates (just like what you […]

Nikon revives Coolpix prosumer line, updates touchscreen camera
by Brad Soo on September 8

Today’s an interesting day for Nikon fans and prosumer camera shoppers – Nikon has just announced their latest prosumer compact camera (hence reviving the Coolpix P-series prosumer line yet again after 2 years). This time, they’re determined to prove themselves as a serious competitor against Canon’s G-series. They’ve also updated the Coolpix S8000 from earlier this year with a cool 12 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor (we’ve been seeing mostly 10 MP ones so far), improved movie mode and a few […]

Olympus comes up with new PEN E-P2 kit; two new Micro FourThirds lenses
by Brad Soo on August 31

Olympus has just come up with a limited edition ‘all-black’ PEN E-P2 kit (two for countries outside the US), which comes with a black PEN E-P2, limited edition black 17 mm f2.8 pancake lens and your choice of a basic external flash OR external electronic viewfinder.
They’ve also announced two new lenses for the Micro Four Thirds system (PEN and Panasonic users rejoice) which cover the telephoto end of the focal range. The 40-150 mm f4.0-5.6 lens will go for $300 […]

Canon EOS 60D announced with 4 new L lenses
by Brad Soo on August 26

Canon broke the news of their new EOS 60D digital SLR today. The new EOS 60D brings an unexpected change to Canon’s digital SLR line up as it’s now positioned somewhere between the entry-level xxxD/Rebel series and the 7D. It sports a couple of upgrades versus the 50D, but also a few downgrades as well (most notably build quality and accessibility of some settings). This makes the 7D somewhat of a spiritual successor to the 50D… and the 60D a […]

Sony unveils four new digital SLR models; three new lenses
by Brad Soo on August 24

Sony introduced two pairs of new digital SLR cameras today dedicated to the entry-level SLR market. The first pair, part of Sony’s new SLT series, feature their new Translucent Mirror Technology which uses a translucent mirror to pass light to both the autofocus sensor and CMOS simultaneously. Since the mirror doesn’t need to move (Sony has substituted the optical viewfinder with an electronic one), it allows the SLT camera bodies to be smaller and the cameras can continuously shoot/focus more […]

Nikon introduces D3100 SLR
by Brad Soo on August 19

Nikon has just introduced their new entry-level digital SLR model along with four SLR lenses. The Nikon D3100 sports improvements in various areas and a bunch of new features.

Nikon D3100
(Entry-level digital SLR camera)

14.2 effective megapixels (DX size APS-C CMOS sensor, 1.5X crop)
Nikon F-mount (1.5X crop factor); autofocus only available with AF-S type lenses
3 inch LCD
ISO speed range of 100 – 3200 (Expandable to 12800)
Full manual controls with RAW mode and live view
11 point autofocus
1080p full HD (1920 x 1080) […]

Canon unveils 3 new compact cameras
by Brad Soo on August 19

Canon has come up with three new compact cameras today. The PowerShot S95 and PowerShot SX130 cameras are fairly subtle upgrades to last year’s models, with notable improvements in the movie recording department, but nothing game-changing here… The SD4500 Digital ELPH/IXUS 1000 HS is the most interesting of the bunch, I must say. Not only is it the first ELPH/IXUS to have such a large amount of optical zoom (that’s a whopping 10X lens with image stabilization), it also sports […]

Olympus quietly updates three compact cameras
by Brad Soo on August 18

Not having a noticeable bunch of updated features in their latest 3 compact camera models, Olympus has wisely kept a low-profile in announcing their new MJU/Stylus 7050, FE5050 and FE4050 cameras. These three cameras are really, really incremental updates to their recent predecessors with just mere up in megapixel counts (14 megapixels for the first two models, 12 megapixels for the latter). Other specifications remain the same as the previous models.

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