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Canon intros four entry-level cameras
by Brad Soo on January 5

Canon has unveiled four new A-series affordable entry-level camera models today.

Canon PowerShot A800 and A1200
(Entry-level cameras)

A800: 10 effective megapixels
A1200: 12 effective megapixels
A800: 37 – 122 mm (f3.0 – f5.8) 3.3X optical zoom lens
A1200: 28 – 112 mm (f2.8 – f5.9) 4X optical zoom lens
NO image stabilization
A800: 2.5 inch LCD (230,000 pixels)
A1200: 2.7 inch LCD (230,000 pixels)
No manual controls (just point-and-shoot operation with scene modes)
A1200 ONLY: Optical viewfinder, Live View Control for easy picture setting adjustment and Creative Filters
A800: VGA […]

DPI is covering CES 2011
by Brad Soo on January 4

For the first time ever, DP Interface will be covering the Consumer Electronics Show for 2011 directly from the show floor. Yes, that’s right folks, I’m back, and I’m in Vegas. I will be attending several pre-show press conferences tomorrow so expect full coverage of the latest digital cameras and photography gear for 2011! And happy new year to all our readers!

Samsung unveils affordable WiFi camera for 2011
by Brad Soo on January 4

Samsung has just kicked off camera announcements for the year 2011 with the release of the Samsung SH100 camera this morning. The camera is affordably priced, but still features a large touchscreen, built-in WiFi

Samsung SH100
(Compact camera)

14 effective megapixel CCD
26 – 130 mm (f3.3 – f5.9) 5X optical zoom lens
3 inch touchscreen LCD
New Smart Access User Interface makes camera operation similar to that of smartphones
Built-in WiFi capability
You can email and upload photos/videos online
720p HD (1280 x 720) 30 FPS movie […]

Olympus teases new prosumer camera with Zuiko lens at Photokina
by Brad Soo on September 20

Olympus is showing off their new ‘prosumer’ compact camera at Photokina this year. Details are fairly vague as Olympus plans to keep them under wraps until early next year (probably CES 2011); but so far, they’ve shown that it will be a prosumer-like model (which I am personally guessing will compete against the likes of the Canon PowerShot G12 and Nikon Coolpix P7000) with a built-in (non-interchangeable) Zuiko lens with some amount of optical zoom, a built-in popup flash, […]

Casio comes up with four new Exilim cameras for Photokina
by Brad Soo on September 20

Casio has just announced a bunch of interesting compact cameras for Photokina 2010. The Exilim H20G is a compact super-zoom camera that has an ultra-wide angle 10X zoom lens and built-in GPS with fancy internal location sensors; while the Exilim ZR10 is a compact camera with the latest 12 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor, which naturally allows the camera to do various tricks such as high speed continuous shooting and movies with super high frame rates. The other two Exilim cameras […]

Fujifilm announces rangefinder style camera at Photokina 2010
by Brad Soo on September 20

Fujifilm has come up with a brand new rangefinder-style digital camera that they’ve just announced at Photokina 2010. The camera, though it appears like ‘yet another interchangeable lens camera’, is in fact a niche product with a fixed 23 mm lens and large image sensor behind it. There aren’t many details about the camera so far, but here’s what Fujifilm has revealed about the FinePix X100 so far:

Fujifilm FinePix X100
(Rangefinder camera)

12.3 effective megapixels (APS-C CMOS sensor, 1.5X crop)
Imaging sensor […]

Nikon introduces D7000 digital SLR
by Brad Soo on September 14

Looks like things are gonna get pretty interesting this holiday 2010. Why? Cause Nikon’s just come up with their answer to the recently introduced Canon EOS 60D and Olympus E-5 digital SLR cameras (and also the much-awaited successor to their own D90) – meet the new Nikon D7000.
The Nikon D7000 is a fairly sizeable upgrade compared to the old D90, featuring better build quality, a higher resolution display, improved viewfinder, metering and autofocus system, faster burst speed, improved movie mode […]

Canon releases PowerShot G12 and PowerShot SX30 cameras
by Brad Soo on September 14

What a busy month September has turned out to be. Today Canon introduced the much awaited successors to their prosumer G-series and ultra-zoom SX-series camera lines. The new PowerShot G12 is an incremental upgrade to last year’s G11, keeping the same design and most of the latter’s feature set, but now incorporating improved image stabilization, a few control tweaks to make things more ergonomic and (finally) introduces 720p HD movie recording and auto HDR capabilities.
On the other hand, we have […]

Samsung NX100 – Samsung’s answer to PEN, GF1 and NEX
by Brad Soo on September 14

People looking for more options in ‘big sensor, small camera’ market – rejoice! Samsung has entered the fray of ‘compact’ form factor interchangeable lens cameras with their new NX100. The Samsung NX100 takes the stuff that made the NX10 (from earlier this year) great, and fits everything into a smaller, less SLR-esque package that may seem familiar if you’ve seen the Olympus PEN series, Panasonic GF1 or Sony NEX cameras.

Samsung NX100
(Interchangeable lens camera)

14.6 effective megapixels (APS-C CMOS sensor, 1.5X […]

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