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by Brad Soo on January 5 2009

Well here come the first camera announcements for the year 2009… from Kodak. They’ve got four cameras to reveal today: the 12 megapixel Kodak EasyShare Z980 ($400) features a HD movie mode, vertical grip (!!) and a 24X zoom lens which starts at 26 mm. The other three are compact cameras: the EasyShare M320 ($130) with 9 megapixels, a 3X lens and 2.7 megapixels, the 10 megapixel EasyShare M340 ($150) and the EasyShare M380 ($180) which has 10 megapixels, a 5X zoom lens, 2.7 inch LCD and will come in your choice of three colors; black, red or turquoise. Unfortunately, Kodak didn’t provide many details about the two so I can’t have my usual specifications run-down over here.

Stay tuned for more new camera announcements as the CES 2009 (Consumer Electronics Show) approaches this weekend.

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